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onsdag 13 november 2013

True colors!

There are few places on earth like Puerto Vallarta.
A place where you can be true to yourself. No matter what.
To feel love and happines among people you might not know that well.
But still... they end up staying in your heart. Forever.

So thank you all for being a part, of one of our best vacations ever.
And for our amazing family that now includes some more inspiring people.
And a special thanks to Americk for your friendship, energy and good talk and all the beautiful pictures you've been taking for fuckcancerandrun.com!

Thanks for hosting me these weeks !!

Do we all have a small rasta sprite inside of us :-))

En rasta tandläkare :-)

Kolla mina nya fina tänder. Oscar tycker inte att det är såååå trevligt att pussa tjejer, kolla hans min!

Min nya löparkompis Philippe från Frankrike!
Ser ni likheterna? Joey från vänner :-))
Rafael och Oscars födelsedagskalas :-)
Jag testar en ny ringblixt :-)) Rätt coolt ljus!

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